Consider Dublin as Your Gateway to Europe

Photo by Canadian Pacific.

Photo by Canadian Pacific.

Flying into Dublin airport (DUB) in Dublin, Ireland has many advantages as a gateway airport to Europe. By gateway, we mean a stopping point on the way to another destination as part of an itinerary or a place to switch carriers. Here are the top 3 reasons to pass through Dublin:

1. An abundance of direct flight choices from the US.
American, United, Aer Lingus, British Airways, WestJet and Delta have daily direct flights to Dublin.

2. The US Customs and Immigration Preclearance center:

Photo by Canadian Pacific.

Photo by Canadian Pacific.

Since so many US bound flights originate from Dublin, you can clear US Immigration and Customs before you leave Ireland, meaning that you will land at a domestic gate in the US without needing to pass Immigration and Customs again. Dublin airport and the Shannon Airport are the only airports in Europe with a Preclearance center.

3. It’s often cheaper.
Non-stop flights to Dublin are often cheaper than flying to and through most European cities.

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